Straight Path Spectrum


Spectrum is the wave of the future. Wireless transmission of voice and data within Internet and mobile networks is the smarter solution of tomorrow. Using airwaves as the conduit obviates the cost of laying fiber, and we usually save our customers 10x on capital and operating expenses.

Deploying networks with Straight Path Spectrum can be accomplished months and years quicker. Instead of waiting for permits to be granted and streets to be dug up, we can deploy instantly by placing energy efficient radios and antennas in easily accessible locations. Using our fixed wireless capacity is more energy efficient, as the data flows seamlessly through the air for miles, instead of being channeled through cables that need to be lit constantly.

Straight Path Spectrum holds nearly 1,000 FCC spectrum licenses providing wireless coverage of the entire United States. We can provide a next generation solution for the networks of the future. We plan to replace the arcane conduits of the past with our spectrum, thereby increasing the capacity, flexibility, and efficiency of telecom and computer networks to provide high quality data content at a fraction of the cost.

Our spectrum can be used for multiple purposes and we continue to push the limits, to uncover innovative technologies and implementations that will employ our spectrum in new and exciting ways.

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